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    Ratlam Athana Mirchi Pickle

    250g | ₹ 137

    (9 Reviews)

    Ongole Andhra Mango Avakaya Pickle

    250g | ₹ 123

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    Ratlam Ker Pickle

    250g | ₹ 131

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    Konaseema Andhra Boneless Chicken Pickle

    250g | ₹ 360

    Varanasi Stuffed Red Chilli Pickle

    250g | ₹ 189

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    Pickle or Achaar is a popular condiment that has been an integral part of Indian cuisine for centuries. Known for their tempting aroma, and spicy and tangy flavour, pickles are the epitome of relishing flavors. Made from a variety of vegetables, fruits, and warm spices, pickles are full of spices and flavours adding a spicy addition to regular meals.

    Available in myriad flavors such as sweet, tangy, salty, spicy, and citrusy, pickles have become an intrinsic part of the meal. Pickles can either be included in the meal as a side dish or can also be paired with a bowl of rice and paratha. Pickles in India are undoubtedly a delicious way to add flavour to meals and are also a good source of vitamins and minerals. The acidic punch of the pickles enhances the palate and adds a scrumptious touch to an otherwise boring dish with minimal effort.


    Pickles or Achaar have been a part of Indian culture and history for around 4,000 years. The technique of making pickles originated in India and the earliest record of making pickles dates back to BCE 2030 when it was made by preserving cucumbers in brine. Initially, people started with salting and curing food in brine and this was generally done to prevent food from staling while carrying it on long journeys.

    The work pickle is derived from the word ‘pekel’, a Dutch word that means brine. Food traditions in India firmly believe that vegetables, fruits, roots, berries, and leaves along with some meats can be preserved through pickling. Highly sought-after pickles that are extremely popular in India include mangoes, skinned limes, chilies, carrots, ginger, gooseberries, etc. Though different vegetables and fruits are used to make pickles by far the most popular pickle is the mango pickle which is available across the country and is consumed by almost everyone. Seeing its popularity several pickle brands have created different versions of this national favourite pickle.


    Pickles not just add taste and flavour to your food but also come with amazing health benefits. Though people are advised to eat pickles with a limit, as pickles contain too much oil and spices consuming which in excess can cause a few side effects. Let’s have a look at some of the health benefits of eating pickles.

    Rich in Antioxidant Properties - Pickles have antioxidants which are micro-nutrients that protect the body against the free radicals attack. The free radicals mix with the DNA and alter its configuration and hence are highly dangerous for the body. Thus, to protect the body from free radicals, we need to consume food rich in antioxidants, and pickles comprising raw and unripe ingredients are a rich source of antioxidants.

    Boost Immunity - Most pickles are made with a lot of turmeric powder that contains a chemical called cur-cumin that has anti-inflammatory properties. It helps the body fight against various viruses and bacteria attacks by boosting your immunity.

    Good Source of Minerals and Vitamins - Pickles also contain ingredients like coriander, fenugreek seeds, mint, and curry leaves that contain several essential vitamins like Vitamin A, C, and K along with minerals like iron, calcium, and potassium, thereby fulfilling the requirements of these minerals and vitamins in our body.

    Aids in Digestion - Pickles are known to improve the digestion process in our body, so it is served with most Indian dishes. The pickles generate probiotic bacteria in our body that help in the digestion process.


    Indian foods often seem incomplete without pickles. Different varieties of pickles are available, as every region of India offers its own distinct variety of pickles. People of every region prefer having pickles that are popular in their areas, like people in North India prefer fruit and vegetable pickles made using mustard oil whereas people in South India prefer non-vegetarian pickles made using sesame oil. Mirchi Bites is a premium brand offering pickles from diverse regions of the country. Types of pickles commonly available at the online store include:

    • Fruit Pickle – Mango pickles
    • Vegetable Pickle – Mirchi pickles, red chilli pickles
    • Non-Vegetarian Pickle – Boneless chicken pickles


      Pickle is the best companion to simple food, as it adds an extra zest of flavour to any Indian dish. However, due to fast-paced lives, making pickles at home is no more a common trend and today majority of people prefer to buy pickles online from a reliable store like Mirchi Bites. Mirchi Bites brings quality pickles that include a premium collection from both North and South India. All the pickles sold at the store are carefully handpicked and hygienically packed to retain the freshness and authentic taste of the pickles. Buying the pickles of your choice is no more a hassle, as the online store has made online ordering a simple and easy process for one and all. You can easily place an order for your favourite pickle or pickles from different regions of India from the comfort of your home and enjoy a tasty bite of regional or local pickles. All the pickles are first packed in triple-layered polythene pouches and then packed in attractive cardboard boxes. Safe and tampered-proof packaging of pickles ensures both quality and taste.


      To maintain the tradition of eating pickles many brands have come up with offering a great variety of pickles and making them readily available for people. Online store like Mirchi Bites is giving the younger generation a chance to relish the authentic taste of pickles that otherwise they would have missed from their meal. Mirchi Bites provides you with great options in terms of choosing pickles and make sure that you are always stocked up with the pickle of your choice. To ensure the best taste and quality, we ensure that all the pickles available at our online store are made only from fresh fruits and vegetables and that the pickles are free from any chemicals and adulteration. Top quality and the best-handpicked ingredients are only used for the making of pickles to maintain the highest standard of quality and taste. Some of the prominent reasons to buy pickles online from Mirchi Bites include:

      1. The simple and easy ordering process
      2. Tamper proof and classy packaging
      3. Safe and timely delivery of pickles to your doorsteps without any leakage or spill
      4. Safe and secure payment options
      5. Pickles are high in taste and top in quality

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