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    Mirchi Bites Palakkad Kerala Banana Chips Online

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    • (250 g)
    What's Special About Palakkad Kerala Banana Chips?

    Palakkad Kerala Banana Chips are made in Kerala and are fried in coconut oil to give you that authentic taste

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    • (250 g)

    You can order the best Palakkad Kerala Banana Chips online on Mirchi Bites. Palakkad Kerala Banana Chips is the freshest and lowest priced only on This Palakkad Kerala Banana Chips is Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free, suitable for Jains and has been specially packed to retain its freshness and prevent breakage.

    Exploring the Rich Heritage of Palakkad: A Blend of History and Culinary Delights

    Palakkad, formerly known as Palghat, is the fourth largest city in the picturesque state of Kerala, nestled along the banks of the Bharathappuzha river. A prominent landmark in Palakkad is the ancient Palakkad Fort, also referred to as the Tipu Sultan fort. Throughout history, Palakkad was under the reign of the Palakkad Rajas, the Zamorin of Calicut, Hyder Ali, and the British, before joining the Indian union in 1947. Palakkad is renowned for its delectable snacks, prepared using the traditional method of cooking in coconut oil, a specialty of Kerala cuisine.

    Savor the Authentic Taste: Mirchi Bites Kerala Banana Chips

    Indulge in the true essence of Kerala with Mirchi Bites Kerala Banana Chips from Palakkad—the original and authentic version made in Kerala using special Nendran bananas. Unlike other banana chips fried in vegetable oil, our Kerala Banana Chips are lovingly fried in coconut oil, offering the familiar crunch and irresistible taste of Kerala in every chip. Once you open the package, you'll find it hard to resist finishing them in one go! Share or gift these Kerala Banana Chips and witness the rave reviews they'll receive!

    Experience Palakkad's Finest with Mirchi Bites

    At Mirchi Bites, we bring the beloved regional snack of Palakkad to your home, ensuring an unforgettable experience for you, your friends, and your family. Our Palakkad Kerala Banana Chips stand out from other snacks available in supermarkets. The moment you taste these chips, you'll notice their unique quality and flavors. Discover the true essence of Palakkad's culinary heritage with every delightful bite!

    Ingredients: Raw Banana, Coconut Oil, Salt

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