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    Mirchi Bites Namkeen Combo 17 Online

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    What's Special About Namkeen Combo 17?

    Fresh from their place of origin, these snacks offer an authentic snacking experience unlike any other

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    You can order the best Namkeen Combo 17 online on Mirchi Bites. Namkeen Combo 17 is the freshest and lowest priced only on This product is Vegetarian and has been specially packed to retain its freshness and prevent breakage.

    Mirchi Bites Namkeen Combo 17: Unique Regional Specialties Delivered Fresh

    If you're a connoisseur of authentic regional snacks, then our Mirchi Bites Namkeen Combo 16 is the perfect treat for you. This delectable combo includes a selection of four mouthwatering snacks, each representing a unique regional specialty. From the crispy Dry Kachori of Jamnagar to the aromatic Masala Avaraidal from Mysore, the tangy Telangana Sakinalu from Warangal, and the savory Dalmoth from Agra, every bite is a delightful journey through India's rich culinary heritage.

    Authentic Regional Specialties

    At Mirchi Bites, we take pride in offering snacks that are authentically made in their respective places of origin. We understand the importance of preserving the traditional flavors and techniques that make these regional specialties truly unique. Our Dry Kachori is prepared with the utmost care in Jamnagar, capturing the essence of Gujarat's culinary traditions. The Masala Avaraidal from Mysore is a tribute to Karnataka's vibrant flavors, while the Telangana Sakinalu embodies the culinary artistry of Warangal. Lastly, the Dalmoth from Agra showcases the timeless flavors of Uttar Pradesh.

    Delivered Fresh to Your Doorstep

    Unlike mass-produced snacks that often lose their freshness during long shelf stays, our Mirchi Bites Namkeen Combo 17 is made fresh and shipped fresh . This means that you can indulge in these authentic regional delights while they are still at their freshest. We understand that freshness plays a crucial role in delivering an exceptional snacking experience, and we take every measure to ensure that our products reach you in the best possible condition.

    Discover the True Flavors of India

    Experience the true flavors of India with our Mirchi Bites Namkeen Combo 17. Each snack in this combo is a testament to the culinary diversity and cultural richness of our country. From the first crunch to the last bite, you'll savor the authentic tastes that have delighted generations. Order now and embark on a gastronomic adventure that celebrates India's unique regional specialties.

    Ingredients (Dalmoth): Black Legumes, Gram Flour, Melon Seeds,, Desi Ghee, Spices, Salt

    Ingredients (Dry Kachori): Wheat Flour, Gram Flour (Besan), Edible Oil, Spices, Salt, Sugar, Citric Acid

    Ingredients (Sakinalu): Rice Flour, Carom Seeds (Ajwain), Sesame Seeds, Salt

    Ingredients (Avaraidal): Raw Avaraidal (Field Beans), Chilli Powder, Groundnuts, Salt, Edible Oil

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