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    Mirchi Bites Mumbai Mini Bhakarwadi Online

    • MRP: ₹162.00
    • (250 g)
    What's Special About Mumbai Mini Bhakarwadi?

    Mumbai has its own variant of Bhakarwadi that is a little different than that of Gujarat. A little sweet and a little salty, Mumbai Mini Bhakarwadi is a popular snack to enjoy anytime.

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    • You Pay:₹162.00
    • (250 g)

    You can order the best Mumbai Mini Bhakarwadi online on Mirchi Bites. Mumbai Mini Bhakarwadi is the freshest and lowest priced only on This Mumbai Mini Bhakarwadi is Vegetarian, Vegan, suitable for Jains and has been specially packed to retain its freshness and prevent breakage.

    Experience the vibrant city of Mumbai

    Mumbai is also known as the financial capital of India and the melting pot of diverse cultures. Derived from 'Mumba' or 'Maha-Amba', Mumbai takes its name from Mumbadevi, the patron deity of the native Koli community. This bustling metropolis, comprising seven interconnected islands - Bombay, Parel, Mazagaon, Mahim, Colaba, Worli, and Old Woman's Island, has a rich history shaped by Portuguese and British influences. In 1845, these islands were united by reclaiming land from the sea, transforming Mumbai into the thriving city it is today.

    Embrace the flavors of Mumbai, where customs and cuisine blend harmoniously.

    Mumbai snacks like Chiwda and Bhakarwadi possess a distinct identity, setting them apart from similar offerings in other states, particularly Gujarat. Among these, Mumbai's Mini Bhakarwadi stands out as a popular snack, delicately balancing sweetness and saltiness. Its bite-sized form adds to its convenience, making it an ideal on-the-go treat.

    Mini Bhakarwadi - Mumbai's Iconic Snack

    Discover the authentic taste of Mumbai's Mini Bhakarwadi delivered straight to your doorstep by Mirchi Bites. Unlike generic snacks found in supermarkets, our Mumbai Mini Bhakarwadi captures the essence of this regional favorite. With every bite, you'll experience the difference in quality and flavor that sets Mirchi Bites apart. Indulge in this delectable snack, handcrafted to perfection, and savor the true essence of Mumbai's culinary delights.

    Ingredients: Wheat Flour, Gram Flour, Vegetable Oil, Sugar, Iodized Salt, Spices and Condiments

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