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    Mirchi Bites Hyderabad Long Masala Banana Chips Online

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    • (180 g)
    What's Special About Hyderabad Long Masala Banana Chips?

    Spicy, crunchy and addictive - all the qualities you want in a banana chip and more!

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    • (180 g)

    You can order the best Hyderabad Long Masala Banana Chips online on Mirchi Bites. Hyderabad Long Masala Banana Chips is the freshest and lowest priced only on This Hyderabad Long Masala Banana Chips is Vegetarian, Vegan, Jain Food and has been specially packed to retain its freshness and prevent breakage.

    Experience the Flavors of Hyderabad, the City of Pearls

    Step into the enchanting city of Hyderabad, also known as the City of Pearls, renowned for its iconic landmark, the Charminar. With its cosmopolitan outlook, diverse population representing various regions of India, and a vibrant nightlife, Hyderabad has a culinary scene that is brimming with delectable snack products, particularly the spicy ones that are immensely popular among the locals.

    Indulge in the Irresistible Mirchi Bites Long Masala Banana Chips

    Treat yourself to the delightful Mirchi Bites Long Masala Banana Chips, meticulously crafted from freshly harvested raw bananas. Each slice is thinly cut, fried to perfection, and generously seasoned with a special blend of authentic Andhra red chilli powder and spices, creating a spicy and unparalleled flavor profile. Enjoy these crispy chips as a delightful accompaniment to your tea, coffee, or evening beverage, and let its invigorating taste elevate your spirits.

    Experience the Uniqueness with Mirchi Bites

    Mirchi Bites brings this beloved regional favorite snack right to your doorstep, allowing you to savor the authentic Hyderabad Long Masala Banana Chips in the comfort of your home, alongside your loved ones. Unlike generic snacks found in supermarkets, these chips possess a distinctive quality that sets them apart. From the moment you take a bite, you'll notice the difference and relish the enticing flavors that make these chips truly exceptional.

    Ingredients: Sliced raw banana, red chilli powder, dried mango powder, spices and condiments

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